Hallo, my name is Leonard van Konijn; but I'm mostly known to the world as The Netherlands. Ask a question, do as you wish...


This is 'The Netherlands' from the anime Hetalia.
-Will add more later- ((


Anonymous asked
((pffft..*really needs a bigger circle pronto*)) he's probably do weird shit to it.. like coat it in nasty stuff, then send it back

—Thanks for that image.

Welcome to Amsterdam.Where even our grounds can’t help but touch themselves. 

Welcome to Amsterdam.
Where even our grounds can’t help but touch themselves. 

)) I should never be allowed around Aussies anymore. Ever.
—Leo you are not helping. ((

…—He’s my fucking /son/. Like hell am I gonna hump ‘im!! 

Anonymous asked
Ohjeez--- *collapsing slightly, staring up at* incested pervert, eh?

—You have no. Fucking. Idea.

Anonymous asked
(( you've probably noticed the Den running around aswell)) I'll sell it to Turkey...

)) Mhmm~ ((

Have fun with that. Hope he gets my aids. 

Anonymous asked
... If you want in my ass so bad, bend me over yourself, Mother dear. |:<

-Kicks in the knee-

Anonymous asked
((^.^=b... ello...)) great... Next I'm stealing this *grabs his pipe*

Have it, I’ve got plenty

Anonymous asked
Yes.. Yes she is. How did you know I was your childspawn? :U .... *Pulls a was of half-chewed gum from my mouth and sticks it to your sleeve* = 3 =

-Takes out his pipe from his pocket-
Bend. The fuck. Over. 

Anonymous asked
how do you not care about your flowers? ((guessed who this is yet?))

)) ‘Ello Mathias. ((

I can grow more.